Do Me First, Daddy Tara Nova


Published: September 5th 2012



Do Me First, Daddy  by  Tara Nova

Do Me First, Daddy by Tara Nova
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18-year old Stephanie is dreading a weekend at the shore that her mom has planned so she can get to know her new step-dad, Jeff, better. But when her mom ends up getting the flu and has to stay in bed for the day, Stephanie soon realizes her new step-dad is the man she’s been waiting for to help her become a woman. It isn’t long before she and Jeff are indulging in a little family fun of their own.Content Warning: This erotic story contains vivid descriptions of blow jobs, fingering, deflowering and, finally, amazing taboo sex in public between step-father and step-daughter.Read an Excerpt:I looked at him over my shoulder to gauge how my little seduction was being received.

Jeffs face was frozen in a combination of fear and … thank God, lust. I took another sip from my wine glass, letting the warmth glide down my throat, bolstering the courage to make my move.Licking my lips, I looked directly into his eyes as I slid my hand the remaining distance to the warm bulge between his legs.He jumped slightly, finally reacting, his strong hand coming down quickly over my own small one.

Steph, what are you ...? he whispered against my ear.Ssshhh, I hushed him softly, staying put. Fully committed now, I buried my face against his neck and began to suck and kiss the tender hollow beneath his tightened jaw.

I ran my tongue against the rough stubble of his throat, inhaling his intoxicating scent.We shouldnt be ... he whispered hoarsely, his resolve weakening beneath my exploring tongue.I thought Mom wanted us to get to know each other better, I murmured hotly against his neck. Wrestling my hand from beneath his, I released his crotch and reached upward, my fingers trailing down from his neck to his chest, curling themselves in the little tufts of hair they found there.Jeff sat motionless behind me, his breathing quick and shallow. Time seemed suspended for a moment and cold fingers of doubt slithered over me as I wondered if Id just made the biggest mistake of my life.

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